We help underprivileged and traumatized kids by offering a fun project to develop their imagination and real life skills.
We provide a tabletop game design package that includes basic components with a full color instruction booklet. It's broken into three stages. Although everyone can complete the entire project we designed each stage towards certain age groups.
We invite sponsorships for one or more packets as well as volunteers to work with the kids helping them throughout the design project.
50% of our company profits go to charities to help kids and their families!
For the adult we offer more professional services if they choose to develop their kids game design past the fun and educational to publish ready.
We donate 50% of our profit to charities that benefit kids!
“This is a great idea.  My two kids loved coming up with their own game idea and creating something we could actually play as a family.  As parents, we probably could have helped them create a game on our own, but it would have taken much longer and would not have been as good or as organized.  Using the steps in Games For Kids by Kids, we were able to quickly and efficiently help our children organize and create their very own game, which kept their interest.  I love this concept and would recommend it to anyone looking to spark some creativity with their kids.”
-Chad P.  (Dad)

“I really liked this game kit.  The instructions made it easy to help my kids walk through the steps and make a fun game. I loved how excited my kids were to create something and the excitement continues every time we play it as a family and take it to play with extended family.  I liked how the kit included so many items.  We got two, and my 10 year old and 7 year old each made one.  Even with their completely different ideas they both had the pieces needed to make their games.”
-Cynthia P.  (Mom)

“I think its really fun that it comes with cards, a board, and a spinner that you can design yourself.  I had fun creating my game!”
-Corbin P.  Kid - 10)

“I think this kit carries everything you need in order to make an amazing game.  I had a blast designing my game and now my family treats it like a real game and loves it!  I recommend this to other fellow children!”
-Logan P.  (Kid - 7)